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Brosnan Spots Restaurant Fire

By WENN, July 15 2008
Former JAMES BOND star PIERCE BROSNAN proved he was a real-life 007 at the weekend (begs12Jul08) - when he dived out of a restaurant before it caught fire.
The star was enjoying a meal at popular New York getaway the Hamptons with his wife Keely, when he spotted a dangerous fire hazard.
Brosnan quickly alerted staff after spotting a fire hazard - but had left the eaterie before the blaze ignited.
He says, "I went down and there was a lovely restaurant... They had these tiki torches and there was the umbrella there and I said, 'You should pay attention to this because if that umbrella goes, it'll go fast.'
"Apparently after my wife and I and my friends left the restaurant, it did. It caught on fire."

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