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Goody's Mamma mia

The Goody's is inspired by the film Mamma Mia! and create 4 new fresh salads with names of Abba Songs : “Chiquitita”, “Dancing Queen”, “Honey Honey” and “Super Trouper”!
The salad “Chiquitita” is constituted by roasted filet by breast of chicken with wildy ro'ka, tomato, cucumber, pepper and carrot in fresh lettuce, with sws from olive oil, mustard and honey.
The Goody's remains faith in her objective for improvement in terms of diet and health with her rich alimentary proposals. Salads MAMMA MIA! they come they are added in the big family of beloved salads Goody's - Caesar's, Mum, Chef's and salad bar - so that they enrich with fresh choices the pallet of flavours of Goody's.
Television spot that communicates new salads MAMMA MIA! the Goody's it contains snapshots of film MAMMA MIA! while stars a bride as in the polyanameno'meni film that will be appearred in worldwide premiere in the Greek cinemas on 3 July. A film with a all Star cast Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth songs of Abba. A bride, three likely dads, a lot of music and dance with background a Greek island… The beloved songs of Abba baptize also the new salads Goody's, that will star this summertime and will make all the Greeks shout… MAMMA MIA!

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Ntinos said...

σκεφτομαι να τα δοκιμασω.

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