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Married Life UK Premiere

Married Life
Ira Sachs / United States of America / 2007 / 90 mins

Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Patricia Clarkson, Rachel McAdams, David Richmond-Peck, David Wenham

Summary:In an unnamed 1949 American metropolis, meek businessman Harry Allen (Chris Cooper) confides to roguish best friend bachelor Richard Langley (Pierce Brosnan) that he's about to leave wife Pat (Patricia Clarkson) for bottle-blonde beauty Kay Nesbitt (Rachel McAdams). As Richard inevitably tumbles for Kay, Harry decides to kill Pat, but finds an obstruction in local poet John O'Brien (David Wenham). Freely adapted from the classic 50s British crime novel by John Bingham, Married Life is that rare thing, a film noir delivered with grim seriousness that - rarer still - manages to ratchet the tension even as it subversively plays with the tenets of the genre. 'Never build your happiness', someone advises, 'upon the unhappiness of others.' Dry as a good martini and black as a murderer's soul, the stylised and stylish Married Life is a sly, quiet surprise. EC
Premiere United States of America
Buy ticket:http://www.edfilmfest.org.uk/films/married-life/

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