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$1 million dollars

Pierce Brosnan donating over $1 million dollars to save the environment
Not only is Pierce Brosnan a great actor, but he also genuinely cares about saving the environment. He's been dedicated to the cause for over 10 years now, from back in the day before being green was cool. Pierce received the Environmental Leadership Award from the Green Cross organization in 1997.Pierce has set up a trust along with his wife that donates to eco-organization and along the way has been consistently donating his own money. He encourages the public to donate as well. He himself recently reached the $1 million dollar donation landmark.The sexy Irishman was quoted as saying "People can give back by donating to offset emissions such as planting trees and paying carbon tax when traveling in environmentally sensitive areas."The environment isn't the only cause this good guy contributes too. He's helped replace a playground in his home of Hawaii, supported Greenpeace protesting and has been a breast cancer awareness spokesperson. Now that's what I call fame with a purpose!

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