We met Pierce Brosnan

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Pierce Brosnan

May 16, 1953 Ireland is the birthplace of the former James Bond, and as an earthy Taurus, he has never forgotten his roots. Pierce celebrated his second marriage at a castle in the Emerald Isle even though he lives in Southern California. Pierce's handsome appearance helped him acquire movie roles, but his artistic sensibilities are the driving force behind the scripts he selects. Taurus natives like to get to the heart of the matter, and Pierce has taken on thought-provoking roles, especially in The Matador and Seraphim Falls. Bulls don't get angry easily because they have a lot of quiet patience, but once they do, watch out. Pierce has demonstrated his anger when reporters and photographers pry into his private family life. Taurus males are very protective of their families and are affectionate partners. Pierce's beloved first wife died of cancer and left behind their young son, and he was extremely devoted to her during her illness. He is now happily married again and has two more children, adding to his large brood, which include his two adopted children from his first marriage. For a Taurus, family comes first, and everything else is second-place, including fame and money.


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παντα οι ταυροι ειναι καλοι!!!

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