We met Pierce Brosnan

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An Interview With Pierce Brosnan
Was it your idea to bring the production to Ireland?
Pierce: I’m deeply proud that we went to Ireland, our company is called Irish dreamtime, and I think we may have seemed to have pulled it off, in the marriage of the short time we had to shoot in New York, and the time in Ireland, and London, the story always had the story going off, well originally off to an island so aside from that, I’m proud of this film.
Is the mustache you have for another project or is it just personal?
Pierce: No, we are going to make another movie next month, called Matador
Are you the hit man?
Pierce: I’m the hit man. Greg Kinnear is a business man from the Midwest, and he encounters a lot of bad timing, a lot of bad luck, and he encounters this rather sick person, played by me.
Who were your screen idols growing up?
Pierce: Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen.
Where does the new Bond film stand right now?
Pierce: It doesn’t stand anywhere. As far as I’m concerned I’ve honored my four films on my contract, if they want me again they know where they can find me.I do.
Do you know who it could be? Have they talked about anyone?
Pierce: Oh, they’ve mentioned Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen, I think anyone of them could be Bond, I have no idea, I really don’t lose any sleep over that. If this is the end of the ride, so be it, it put me on the landscape on the international level, which is huge for any actors career!

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