We met Pierce Brosnan

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After the Sunset

Interview With Pierce Brosnan ('Max')

What did you like about Max?
Max Burdett is somebody who just loves life. He has a good time in life, likes people, and he just has a passion for stealing things. He likes the adrenaline rush of stealing, but he’s a good guy. We’re talking about a fantasy movie here, and we’re talking about a heist movie, which is also a buddy movie, which is also a romantic movie, and that’s a hard combination to kind of pull off. But I think Brett Ratner did it well.
What would you say was the highlight of working on "After the Sunset?
"The highlight of this movie was becoming friends with Salma Hayek, Brett Ratner, and Woody Harrelson. And being there with my wife and children.
Keely Shaye Smith: You have to see the movie to get the whole picture.
Pierce Brosnan:Yes
What would you consider beautiful?
Honestly, people who love life. People who are sincere about life. People who do good things by each other.

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