We met Pierce Brosnan

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12 reasons we like him

1.He loves the animals
2.He likes sport and the gymnastic
3.He is very friendly, modest and landed
4.He likes the sea
5.It helps in the protection of environment
6.It helps institutions for him it fights the cancer
7.He is simple person
8.He is head of the family
9.He can play persuasively every role
10.He accomplished after very difficult years childishly and afterwards the death of his beloved woman
11.He is very enchanting and beautiful
12.He draws very well


Anonymous said...

μου αρεσει γιατι ειναι πολυ sexi

spiritualenlightenment said...

I have been very impressed with his personality since I saw Remington Steele for the first time and since then no one has replaced him.
He is a very stylish and articulate person. Every move that he makes is worthwhile.

Rosa de Madrid (España) said...

I am Rosa (Madrid-España)
He looks like to me an extraordinay natural and nearby actor.I believe he will have a patient, easy-going and calmcharacter and the gestures that he incorporates in his interpretations, they are the same that he does in his royal life.
He has gained the heart us for the excellent person who is, with "the feet in the soil", knowing of the problems that we all have. The above mentioned thing: he is a good person. I wish the best of the lucks him.
Ah! and es very elegant and handsome

Brosnan`s Fans said...

Thank you so much for your nice comment.

Anonymous said...

With his brightenin smile and...piercing blue eyes he runs through into my heart. Ah I believe he is a very witty guy and a faithfully husband.

Brosnan`s Fans said...

Thank you so much

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