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Die Another Day

B.L. Your fourth kick at the can and nobody does it better. You really have outdone yourself here.
P.B. Thanks so much for saying so.
B.L. I love the scenes with the Aston Martin Vanquish, how cool was that? You have a Vanquish I understand.
P.B. I'm shameless, I asked for one!
B.L. Why is it such a great Bond car?
P.B. This is a beautiful vehicle; it's a work of art. Just the lines on this car and the engine in it are phenomenal. I go up to 90 and drop it down into second and then pick it up to 150 before you know it. It's a beautiful vehicle and it’s been missed. I mean, where is Bond without his Aston Martin?
B.L. So, from the mouth of James Bond, why should people come out and see Die Another Day?
P.B. Because it's a great night out at the cinema, and hopefully you'll want to go a second night!

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